The Vortifer team

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The Visionary

Oliver Kauffmann

CEO of KMTC Technologies Holding GmbH

“With Vortifer, we don’t aim to build some kind of drone or flying taxi. Instead, we offer an all-new propulsion technology for all sectors of mobility and logistics. Vortifer has got the potential to become one of the game changers we need so badly for a mobility turnaround.” 

The Technician

Remigius Meier

Remigius Meier

CTO of KMTC Technologies Holding GmbH

“The interaction of the motor output, the flow velocity and the optimally adapted disk geometry makes Vortifer an extremely efficient propulsion concept.”

The Scientist

Karl Obermoser

Karl Obermoser

Physicist and CSO of KMTC Technologies Holding GmbH

“Vortifer is as simple as it is ingenious: the principle of the toroidal vortex integrated in an innovative propulsion system with extraordinary energy efficiency and a considerably higher lift reserve compared to a normal helicopter.”

The Partner

Steffen Holoch

Steffen Holoch

Managing Partner at KMTC Technologies Holding GmbH

“With Vortifer, I’m convinced that we are making a crucial contribution to the transition in mobility and creating opportunities for ideas and concepts from the aviation and automotive industries.”


KMTC Technologies Holding GmbH stands for the amalgamation of technical experts, scientists and an internationally experienced management team. The slogan “we make innovation work” describes the aim of KMTC to take promising technologies and patents from various sectors and appropriately develop them further in order to create ideas for the successful and sustainable market launch of these processes and technologies. The technologies are introduced in independent project organizations, and then the individually created strategy is taken from there and implemented.