Your propulsion system for a transition in mobility

Vortifer® is the answer to your question about tomorrow’s mobility: a technology made in Germany that combines all the advantages of known flight principles – without their drawbacks. Efficient, revolutionary and sustainable. The functionality of the propulsion system is based on a principle of physics: the toroidal vortex.

Become acquainted with Vortifer® technology, the solution for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in the mobility sector and in logistics – with complete independence from the energy source used.

Many markets, one solution

Our motivation

In the aviation market, in the automotive sector and in logistics, what’s missing is a technological solution that facilitates a significant increase in efficiency within the context of our climate goals. With Vortifer®, we offer the world a solution for all these markets.


With a spirit of pioneering and invention, we pursue one principle of physics – the toroidal vortex.


We think and act with responsibility for a future worth living.


Change with the utmost responsibility for society – we create new markets.

With Vortifer®, we offer the world a propulsion system for various markets – not in the distant future, but now. Vortifer® will be able to reach mass markets within a few years. The reason: we aren’t replacing fuel (e.g. with electricity or hydrogen); instead we are reducing its consumption and increasing its efficiency by multitudes.
Discover the wide range of possible applications of one single propulsion technology!